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It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives 

We spend most of our time sitting in front of a computer, scrolling through social media, or binge-watching our favorite shows. However, all of this sedentary behavior can take a toll on our physical and mental health. 

Somatic movement refers to any type of movement practice that focuses on body awareness and the mind-body connection. It can help us become more attuned to our bodies and emotions, and develop a greater sense of self-awareness. Through these practices, we can learn to better manage stress, increase relaxation, and improve overall physical and mental well-being.

The connection between mental and physical health is well-documented, with research suggesting that staying active is an important part of our overall well-being. Movement, however, isn’t only a matter of getting enough exercise, but of allowing the body to heal and care for the mind in meaningful ways. This is especially true for somatic practices such as yoga, qigong, tai chi, and mindful movement, which not only involve physical activity, but intentional breathwork and meditation to help achieve emotional and psychological balance. Through regular engagement in such practices, we can start to better understand how the body can both support and inform our mental health. This blog is here to discuss how we can make these beneficial connections through movement, and the lasting benefits that result.
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Why is Movement Important for Mental Health?

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Movement is essential for maintaining good mental health. When we move our bodies, we release endorphins, which are natural mood boosters. Endorphins help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and they give us a sense of positivity and well-being. Additionally, movement can help to improve sleep, increase energy levels, and boost cognitive function.

Exercise can also increase your overall well-being by providing structure to your day, giving you a sense of accomplishment, and boosting your confidence. Regular movement also encourages us to stay in tune with our bodies and tune into how we feel. This can help to identify and address any issues, including negative mental states, that may arise in the body.

The Impact of Somatic Practices on Mental Wellness:

As discussed above, somatic practices, such as yoga, tai chi, and dance, are a powerful way to connect with our bodies and promote mental wellness. These practices focus on physical sensations and encourage us to be present in the moment. They help us to tune out distractions and tune into our bodies, which can be incredibly grounding and calming.

Research has shown that somatic practices can be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. For example, a 2017 study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice found that practicing yoga can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Similarly, a 2018 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that a combination of yoga and cognitive-behavioral therapy can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

How to Incorporate Movement and Somatic Practices into Your Life:

Incorporating movement and somatic practices into your daily routine is easier than you might think.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym each week. Whether big or small, every bit of physical activity contributes to a healthier mindset.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Take a walk during your lunch break
  • Attend a yoga or dance class
  • Try tai chi or qigong
  • Incorporate stretching into your morning routine
  • Practice mindfulness meditation
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Exercise such as walking, running, or swimming can provide physical and mental health benefits. But activities like yoga, tai chi, and Pilates can be effective for reducing stress, calming the mind, and gaining strength and flexibility.

It’s important to keep in mind that the type of movement we engage in can vary from person to person and our individual abilities and goals. People should find what works for them and incorporate movement into their daily routine for optimal mental and physical health.

Somatic practices can be a powerful tool for promoting mental wellness, and they’re easy to incorporate into our daily routines. By making movement a priority, we can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and improve our overall sense of well-being. So, let’s get moving and prioritize our mental health!


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