Life Changes & Transitions

Major life changes or challenges can alter our perspective on life, which can have a profound effect on our mental, emotional, and social well-being. In today’s world, there’s less security than in previous generations. This contributes to high levels of anxiety and perfectionism.

Stress, anxiety, depression can blur your ability to observe situations objectively, putting you in a continuous state of reacting rather than responding.

You may be:

Like many others, you’re always trying to catch up, leaving little breathing room to think about and act on any short or long-term goals you seek. 

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Many adults feel buried under the burden of living the dream of family, home, and career. 

You struggle to balance work demands while maintaining family time as a priority. You know self-care is important, but you spend your alone time worrying about how you may fail or what tasks still need to be completed.

Many of our clients report mixed feelings of gratitude for all they have while also distressed by how overwhelming it is. We help individual clients make better sense of themselves so they can show up in their relationships in the authentic ways they desire.

In addition to helping you identify and work toward the changes you want in your life, relationships, and other uncertain situations, we offer you the skills and tools to become more mindful, resilient, and compassionate towards yourself and others. 

We will help you embrace that it’s ok to feel uncertain when you go through significant changes and transitions. It is possible to cope with this uncertainty by having the tools to handle it.

We also work with adolescents and teens who may be reluctant to engage in therapy. 

Often children do not feel comfortable asking an adult to help to make sense of their ever-changing worlds. 

Our therapists are trained and highly skilled in engaging adolescents in therapy and in co-creating a safe place in which they feel comfortable being vulnerable. Our therapists work with children and teens to help adjust the family dynamic and incorporate the many changes of emerging adulthood.

Together, we will define what success means for you. 

We will set achievable goals, and, most importantly, we will develop healthy mechanisms to cope with life’s challenges and transitions. We give you the space to breathe, take care of yourself, and celebrate you along this journey.

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