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Being a young woman often comes with certain demands and roles that you may feel the need to fill. From navigating college to starting a career and/or family, it can feel like a never-ending to-do list where your needs always end up at the bottom.

If this sounds like you, you may be suffering from superwoman syndrome.  Our team of therapists at Renewed Wellness Counseling can help.

What Is Superwoman Syndrome?

Superwoman syndrome refers to women who play the hero in everyone else’s life, but not in their own. These women wear a variety of roles in their lives: they are moms, caregivers, team leaders, career women, resident taxi drivers, managers, wives, etc. Having it all comes with the idea of perfectionism.

And maybe you can, but that doesn’t mean you should.

On the outside, others may see you as having it together. However, on the inside, you may be suffering from anxious thoughts or feel overwhelmed in your day-to-day life. This need to take control and do everything for everyone can lead to severe burnout.

Young mother trying to juggle work-life balance. Burnout, anxiousness and stressed in your daily life? You may be struggling with Superwoman Syndrome. You don;t have to do it all alone. Online therapy in North Carolina can help you find balance.

What Is Burnout?

Burnout can be explained with one word: exhaustion. This can come in the form of physical,  mental, or even emotional fatigue brought on by prolonged stress. If you suffer from superwoman syndrome, being burned out by your constant responsibilities is something you may know all too well.

You may be asking yourself why you have burnout now, of all times.

The thing about burnout is that it takes time.

If you’re suffering from superwoman syndrome, it may be easy to blame yourself for feeling burned out. Or maybe think that you’re not allowed to have these feelings of exhaustion. A month ago, you may have felt in control of your life and responsibilities. But yesterday it hit you how tired you were, and you felt the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Image of an arm with a low battery symbol on it representing the burnout experienced with Superwoman Syndrome. If you are struggling to keep all of the balls in the air and feeling burnt out, you may be dealing with Superwoman Syndrome. You can learn to manage expectations and demands on your time effectively with online counseling for Superwoman Syndrome in New Bern, NC.

It’s normal for everyone to have days of feeling tired, overwhelmed, and unappreciated. However, when it becomes a daily occurrence, that is when burnout begins to set in.

Maybe you’re a college student who is also the primary caregiver of a family member and is having a hard time in school. Or you’re a mom who is the “default parent” and is also in charge of a team at work. No matter the type of burnout- be it college burnout or parental burnout- it can significantly influence your life.

Here are some signs that you may be suffering from burnout:

    • Feeling fatigued all day, every day
    • Feeling unappreciated or that others overlook everything you do
    • Difficulty being able to rest
    • Difficulty concentrating on tasks
    • Experiencing health issues like migraines, stomach problems, or other aches
    • Being withdrawn from everyday life

These signs of burnout can be present in your personal and work life.  And while these are serious causes for concern, know that there are ways for you to get help.


How Therapy for Superwoman Syndrome Can Help

Luckily for you, if you feel that you may be suffering from superwoman syndrome, there are ways for you to receive help. If you’re suffering from burnout and are feeling stressed and anxious, therapy may be a great option to consider. Here are some types of therapy that are used to combat these feelings of stress and anxiety brought on by superwoman syndrome.

Behavioral Therapies

Behavioral therapies are a popular form of therapeutic practice that helps with stress and anxiety. It is an encompassing term that describes an array of different therapies. Some popular examples of behavioral therapies are:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

One of the most popular forms of talk therapy that essentially focuses on how your thoughts influence your actions and moods. CBT can help you become more conscious of your negative thoughts and how to reframe them to solve your problems.

 Solution-Focused Brief Therapy or Solution-Focused Therapy:

Given away by its name, SFT is a goal-oriented framework that focuses on the solutions more than the problems themselves. It works on a short timeline to focus more on ones future than their past.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy:

DBT is an adaption of CBT that was developed for those that may experience feeling a bit more deeply and may have issues with regulating their emotions. It focuses on the acceptance of behaviors but also changing these negative behaviors.

Other approaches to combating superwoman syndrome with therapy are implementing mindfulness, grounding, or meditation. If you’re open to trying different therapeutic techniques, brainspotting can be an option you explore in therapy.

All of these forms of treatment are something that our therapists at Renewed Wellness Counseling can implement with clients seeking assistance for superwoman syndrome.

Mom driving in her car withg sticky notes all over the steering wheel representing all the things she needs to do. Woman are expected to do it all. If you find you are surviving but not thriving in your busy life, you may be dealing with Superwoman Syndrome. Online counselling in North Carolina can help you learn to overcome the feelings of anxiety and stress asscociated with Superwoman Syndrome.

Start Therapy for Superwoman Syndrome in New Bern, NC

Therapy is a powerful tool and can be utilized by those who suffer from superwoman syndrome. Here at Renewed Wellness Counseling, Our team of skilled therapists specializes in therapy for anxiety and stress because we believe that you don’t have to do it alone. There are ways you can combat the burnout from superwoman syndrome and start putting yourself first for a change. Our therapists can teach you how to overcome the demands in your life and help you tame the chaos in your mind. To get started with therapy at our counseling practice in New Bern, NC:

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Other Services at Renewed Wellness

At our New Bern, NC-based therapy practice, we offer more than just therapy for anxiety and stress. Our therapists specialize specifically in therapy for military families, chronic illness counseling, and addiction counseling. For those going through a life change, we also offer life transition counseling. In fact, we can help you wherever you are in the state with online therapy in North Carolina and South Carolina. Let’s work together to get you to a good place!