About Teletherapy

What is online counseling?

Teletherapy is a form of video conferencing to provide counseling services outside of an office setting. With online therapy, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home. In fact, online counseling can be beneficial if getting to a traditional in-person appointment is a bother for you. It often results in success rates that are higher than or equal to that of in-person therapy.

With teletherapy, your therapist can meet you virtually wherever you are. This means that you will have the freedom to travel for work, or for fun, without disrupting your treatment or compromising your progress. In your first session, you will talk more with your counselor about the convenience of online therapy. We want to help you understand and feel comfortable with this new online format.


What does online counseling require?

For your appointment, you’ll need a private place and a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera and high speed internet. Your counselor will provide you with access to a secure video conferencing software free of charge. All you have to do is be on your device and logged on at the time of your appointment. Your interactions will be completely secure and confidential, as our teleconferencing software encrypts all forms of data, including video and audio.

What are the Benefits of Counseling?

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What is the first session like?

Think of the first session as a “getting to know you” session. Your counselor will ask you some in-depth questions about your particular situation, background, and support system. This will help them determine how they can best help. It’s also an opportunity for you to learn more about your counselor.

The relationship between client and counselor is most important to the therapeutic process, so we will take all the time we need to establish trust and rapport. You are in charge of your therapy and our counselors are here to guide and support you throughout your way. Feel free to ask your counselor any questions about the therapy process!

What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is a brain-based processing method that uses the body’s natural ability to heal itself from overwhelming, traumatic, or stressful experiences that generate symptoms like anxiety, depression, and over-reactivity.

Often, Brainspotting allows your body to process associated memories and feelings more deeply and rapidly than traditional talk therapy. Have you ever noticed where your eyes rest when you’re thinking about a sad, painful, or even joyful memory? Science shows that our experiences and memories are stored in corresponding eye positions. Your Brainspotting practitioner will use specialized techniques to find the specific eye positions to help relieve unprocessed stressful experiences stored in your brain.


Do you prescribe medication? 

We are not a medication prescriber. If you need medication, our counselors can help you find a physician, either your family practitioner or psychiatrist. Additionally, it is important that you continue to take your medication as prescribed throughout the course of therapy, unless discontinued by your doctor.

Do you only see people with the issues you discuss on your website?

No. People come to therapy for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, it is never only one thing that needs to be addressed, as emotions and experiences are intertwined. For instance, if you feel anxious, there may be underlying depression as well. Feel free to reach out if you think Renewed Wellness Counseling might be a good fit!

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