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Session Fees & Getting Started

Olayinka sees people ages 16+ and is Telehealth only in NC.

Olayinka is an Independent Contractor with Renewed Wellness Counseling

Your well-being is my utmost priority. Life does not come with a manual, and it’s okay to seek guidance to navigate its complexities. Whether it’s dealing with life transitions, such as starting a new job, experiencing relationship difficulties, or facing the reality of a new diagnosis, therapy can be a beacon of hope and a source of strength.

“I have always believed in the resilience of the human spirit and the potential for growth that resides within each individual.”

Know that no matter what you are experiencing, therapy is a safe space to share and work through your challenges. Together, we can uncover and implement strategies to manage anxiety, depression, stress, etc., enabling you to achieve a more fulfilling and balanced life.

I understand that sometimes the hardest step is reaching out, but by working together, we can explore your journey towards healing and fulfillment.

Areas of Interest

As we journey through adulthood, various challenges and transitions can often feel overwhelming. You’re not alone in navigating the complexities of life, whether they be old or new wounds.

My practice focuses on supporting adults through a wide range of personal and emotional hurdles. Together, we can tackle:

Anxiety and Depression

Feeling perpetually worried or caught in a cloud of sadness can be incredibly isolating. Through tailored strategies, we can work on rediscovering your joy and finding peace amidst the chaos.


Healing from past trauma is a journey, and I am here to provide a safe space for you to process and grow stronger, turning your pain into power.

Life Changes and Transitions

Major life transitions, whether expected or sudden, can disrupt your sense of stability. Let’s navigate these changes together, building resilience and finding clarity in the process.

Multicultural Dynamics

Navigating a world where cultures intersect can sometimes leave you feeling lost, uncertain of how to blend the diverse aspects of your identity into a cohesive whole. Together, we’ll work to understand and celebrate your unique cultural background, while also developing strategies to bridge differences and build connections with others, creating a harmonious balance that respects all facets of who you are.


The loss of a loved one can leave you feeling adrift, struggling to find your footing in a world that looks profoundly different. Together, we’ll explore healing paths that honor your memories while fostering hope for the future.

Chronic Illness

Facing a chronic illness can often feel like an uphill battle, marked by feelings of frustration, isolation, and fatigue. Our sessions will focus on building coping strategies that celebrate your strength and resilience, empowering you to lead a fulfilling life despite the challenges.

Embracing telehealth has allowed me to connect with adults through a convenient and flexible medium, ensuring that no matter where you are in North Carolina, support is accessible.

“You don’t have to be positive all the time. It’s perfectly okay to feel sad, angry, annoyed, frustrated, scared, or anxious. Having feelings doesn’t make you a ‘negative person. ‘ It makes you human. — Lori Deschene

My Therapy Approach

Our therapy sessions will employ evidence-based treatments, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), tailored to facilitate your journey toward growth. I see therapy as a collaborative effort where we work together to unravel the maze of life’s challenges.

As your therapist, I bring empathy, respect, and steadfast support to each session, tailoring my approach to meet the ever-changing needs life presents.

Therapy is a journey of self-discovery, resilience-building, and healing. It’s about more than just managing symptoms; it’s about fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and moving towards a life filled with joy and purpose.

You are not alone in this journey. I invite you to reach out and begin the path towards a brighter, happier, and more fulfilling life, one step at a time.

My Professional Background

My educational background includes:

    • Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, where I graduated with honors from South University in High Point, NC.
    • Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Fourah Bay College in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

This unique combination of skills and experiences has given me a broad perspective on life’s challenges, enhancing my empathy and understanding of the diverse needs of those I work with.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of providing therapy services in various settings such as private practice, behavioral health hospitals, and community service organizations. I’ve also gained valuable experience offering support and guidance to families of military veterans, underserved populations, and in crisis intervention roles.

My diverse professional journey has equipped me with the skills to support a wide range of psychiatric conditions.

About Me

Hey there! I’m the kind of person who loves to squeeze every drop of joy out of life. You’ll often find me cozying up with a good movie, crocheting something warm and snuggly, or creating memories with my family and friends.

Travel is my gateway to adventure; whether it’s exploring the diverse landscapes of the USA, soaking in the vibrant cultures of Jamaica and Europe, or experiencing the rich heritage of Africa, I’m all about discovering new places.

I’m a firm believer in the power of regular exercise, not just for the body but for the soul too. It keeps me balanced, energized, and ready to tackle whatever comes next. 

My Mission Statement:

For an extended period, there has been a prevailing stigma surrounding mental health matters. Within certain communities, the reception of mental health diagnoses has been notably adverse. I am committed to fostering comprehension of these diagnoses among individuals and offering alternative pathways for them to sustain a healthy, balanced life.

“Your mental health is a priority. Your happiness is an essential. Your self-care is a necessity.” — Melody Beattie

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