Trauma Therapy in New Bern, NC

Traumatic and adverse experiences can affect many aspects of one’s life.

Trauma will ravage your nervous system and fragment your sense of self. Experiencing trauma can leave you in a state of reactivity and confusion.

Without trauma therapy, your past traumas can lead to persistent and unpleasant symptoms. 

What is “Trauma”?

Trauma is an event or experience outside of you that profoundly impacts your internal experience.

It is important to keep in mind that each lived trauma is unique to the person who experienced it. There is no “one size fits all” framework when addressing issues via trauma therapy.

A man hugs their father with a smile on their face. This could represent the support trauma therapy in New Bern, NC can offer. Learn more about online trauma therapy in North Carolina by contacting a trauma therapist in New Bern, NC today.

Learn How the Past Affects You in Trauma Therapy

Often, we live our daily lives without giving much thought to the foundational experiences that shaped our views.

If we grew up in chaos and traumatic experiences, we may be ruled by an overworked nervous system.

Experiencing a trauma might precede the development of PTSD, anxiety, or depression. On the flip side, your past traumatic experiences can exacerbate already existing diagnoses.

Our first step in starting your trauma journey is learning about your history and garnering awareness of how past experiences show up in your life today.

Therapist meeting with a client for trauma therapy in New Bern, NC for PTSD treatment and more.

Facing our traumas can be intimidating or downright terrifying. You are very brave and wise for considering trauma therapy to address your traumatic history.

Our team of trauma therapists are ready to walk beside you in this most important quest; your quest for healing. Renewed Wellness’ Approach to Trauma Counseling in North Carolina is multi-faceted.

A close up of a person sitting on a couch. This could represent trauma therapy in New Bern, NC. Learn more about online trauma therapy in New Bern, NC by contacting a trauma therapist in New Bern, NC today.

A trauma therapist in New Bern, NC can help…

Holistic Approach to Trauma Therapy

Every approach we offer at Renewed Wellness Counseling is framed within the truth that wellness is reliant on being attentive to the WHOLE you. This includes the mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual you. We work holistically with you so you can experience the well-being you deserve


This effective trauma modality uses your limbic system to heal trauma. The limbic system is comprised of brain structures that play a large part in:

  • Your emotions
  • Cognition
  • Long-term memory
  • Motivation
  • Impulse control
  • And many other psychological factors

When our system has undergone trauma, these brain structures can be maladaptively impacted. Brainspotting focuses on repairing what has been traumatized so equilibrium can return.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy

Trauma underlies many chronic pain experiences. Pain Reprocessing Therapy is newer on the scene. It works to retrain your nervous system in its processing of pain. In short, our brain makes neural connections that do not help us but instead create persistent or debilitating pain. Traumas and negative thoughts, as well as intense emotions, can heighten this experience.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy works to increase positive neural connections to treat chronic pain. To illustrate this therapy’s effectiveness, it has been found that “two-thirds of people with mild or moderate chronic back pain reported being mostly or completely pain-free” after using this treatment (JAMA Psychiatry, 2021). To learn more about Pain Reprocessing Therapy, visit our article on PRT and chronic pain.

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Cognitive Processing Therapy is a modality used in the treatment of trauma (Resick et al., 2014). This approach addresses trauma using cognitive-behavioral therapy. CPT uses psychoeducation as a way for you to learn how your experiences have changed your thoughts and beliefs. This approach also uses written exercises and homework. These are to assist in achieving your goal of processing your trauma

Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Facing traumatic memories and uncomfortable recollections can ramp up our nervous system. Your body-mind might look to do anything to avoid the uncomfortable feelings, images, sensations, and memories. Using DBT, you will focus on using both mindfulness and distress tolerance as you work through and process traumatic memories. We also use DBT to help your body respond to somatic manifestations of past trauma

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy allows you to take a deeper look into how your thoughts impact your behaviors and emotions. CBT leads you to learn how foundational your thoughts are in your daily experience. For example, you may come to realize you have thought distortions or automatic negative thoughts. Once you learn how to identify and evaluate these harmful thought patterns, the easier it will be to not fall victim to their persistent and misleading storytelling

Trauma is pervasive in our society. Most people have experienced some form of trauma throughout their life. If an experience or event makes life difficult, unbearable, or impacts your present-day relationships in a negative way, we are here to be compassionately present and assist you in your trauma journey.


Balance is not only attainable, it is your birthright.

Are you ready to begin Trauma Therapy in New Bern, NC?

Handling trauma is hard, you’re not supposed to do this alone. An online trauma therapist in North Carolina would love to speak with you about how to process thoughts and feelings about traumatic life experiences. Our trained therapists will provide you with a safe, judgment-free environment to catapult healing. Call today or contact us to see if Renewed Wellness Counseling is right for you. We would be honored to guide you in a transformed life.

Services at Renewed Wellness Counseling in North Carolina

At our New Bern, NC-based therapy practice, we understand how trauma can manifest in other parts of your life. Our therapists offer therapy for military families, therapy for anxiety and stress, addiction counseling, and chronic illness counseling. For those going through a life change, we also offer life transitions counseling. Services are offered online as well! Let’s get connected to start living a life free from trauma and more focused on joy. Feel free to also visit our blog or FAQ page for more helpful information!

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