Chronic Illness Counseling

With chronic illness, it may feel like you’re just fighting to exist – trying to manage, trying to survive. You feel like your body is your enemy, or at best, a distant acquaintance.

Each person approaches a diagnosis differently. You can feel anger, sadness, or even validation that you’ve found an answer. Living with a chronic illness is hard, but it’s also manageable. By working with a chronic illness counselor, you can learn to look beyond your illness and not be defined by it.

Remember that you don’t have to cope alone. 

We are ready to hear your story and help you navigate a new path. 

Forging a new life with chronic illness can be challenging. It’s an isolating and frustrating experience. Coping with a diagnosis can impact your mind just as much as your body. We know from research that more than half of the patients living with a chronic condition have significant psychological symptoms.

However, remember that these feelings are common and totally normal. You are not alone. Opening up to someone can be very powerful, and counseling offers you a safe space to do so. Let’s create an illness management plan. Learn to distinguish yourself from your illness.

Both of our therapists have personal experience with chronic illness. 

Through our own healing journey, we are able to combine our training, education, experience, and advocacy to help people navigate this new path. In our practice, we help you uncover all the layers of habits and conditioning so you can discover who you really are by listening to your body.

With chronic illness counseling, our hope is for you to have a more positive and productive mindset towards your illness and not let it rule your life. 

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