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Often marked by intense dependency and an inability to control cravings, addiction is characterized by compulsive seeking and use, even under the threat of devastating consequences. 

The loss of choice to stop becomes compromised, and the act of seeking, consuming, or acting out becomes compulsive. This behavior happens mainly from the effects of prolonged exposure on brain functioning. Addiction is a complex disease that affects multiple brain circuits, including reward and motivation, learning and memory, and inhibitory control over behavior.

Counseling can help you overcome your addiction.

Because addiction has so many dimensions and disrupts so many aspects of an individual’s life, treatment is not simple.  

Effective Addiction counseling incorporates many components:

There is no shame in asking for help, whatever your circumstances. Seeking help can be scary and overwhelming at the beginning. We understand. No matter who you are, where you come from, you deserve a caring and judgment-free environment to express yourself freely.

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Through counseling, you will begin to understand that addictions are usually a form of coping with the unbearable.

They are shortcuts. Breaking the cycle of addiction is difficult because it forces you to face the painful reality of the present and any underlying issues. However, we can teach you healthy coping mechanisms and ways to respond to stressors and triggers.

Some people require long-term or repeated care to achieve the ultimate goal of sustained abstinence, recovery of their lives and relearning to live life with effective coping skills. Together, we can take steps toward recovery and, most importantly, reduce the likelihood of relapse. You’ll learn to be more forgiving toward yourself. You will start to feel hope.

Addiction not only affects the person experiencing it, but the family and friends around them.

If you are channeling all your energy into caring for someone who is battling addiction, it’s important to look inward and make sure your own mental health isn’t being overlooked.

It’s ok, even necessary, for those close to those struggling with addiction to seek counseling for themselves. When you care so deeply for someone suffering from addiction, it is hard to pay attention to your own needs and how it impacts you and your spirit.

Change is possible and requires a dependable therapist. 

Change is never easy. It won’t happen overnight. You are responsible for making it happen, and we’re honored to take these difficult steps alongside you. You’ll be glad you embarked on this journey to a healthier and happier life. 

Whether you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, book an appointment today, and we can start your healing journey together.

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