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Addiction Counseling & Support

Addiction comes in many forms.

Over the past several years, there’s been an increase in both substance and behavioral addictions.

Both substance and behavior addictions are often marked by dependency and an inability to control urges. Addiction is characterized by compulsive seeking and use of these behaviors or substances, even under the threat of consequences.

With behavior and substance addiction, stopping the substance or behavior is difficult. The act of seeking, consuming, or acting out becomes compulsive. Brain functioning becomes affected by prolonged exposure to the substance or behavior.

Two people holding hands in therapy session. This image could depict a family who is looking for help with behavior or substance addiction. Both can be helped with an addiction counseling in North Carolina today. Get started! 28401 | 28402 | 28403
Woman hugging woman. This image could depict some people who need help with a behavior or substance addiction in North Carolina. Start with a substance use counselor in north Carolina to get support. 28401 | 28402 | 28403

Addiction is a complex disease that affects multiple brain circuits, including reward and motivation, learning and memory, and inhibitory control over behavior.

It’s important to recognize what areas of your life have been impacted so you can begin to make changes.


 Addiction can affect:

    • Finances
    • Relationships with Family and Friends
    • Career and Job Success
    • Schooling
    • Health

Counseling can help you overcome your addiction.

Because addiction disrupts so many aspects of an individual’s life, treatment is not simple.

Effective addiction counseling incorporates many components:

There is no shame in asking for help, whatever your circumstances. Seeking help can be scary and overwhelming at the beginning. We understand. No matter who you are, where you come from, you deserve a caring and judgment-free environment to express yourself freely.

Through addiction counseling in North Carolina and South Carolina, you will begin to understand that addictions are usually a form of coping with the unbearable.

Both behavior and substance addictions are shortcuts.

Breaking the cycle of addiction is difficult, it forces you to face the painful reality of the present. However, our substance use counselors can teach you healthy coping mechanisms and ways to respond to stressors and triggers.

Some people require long-term or repeated care to achieve their goals of limiting behavior or substance addictions.

At Renewed Wellness, sustained abstinence recovery of your life is possible. We can start by relearning to live life with effective coping skills. Together, we can take steps toward recovery and, most importantly, reduce the likelihood of relapse. You’ll learn to be more forgiving toward yourself. You will start to feel hope.

Parents and toddler smiling. This image could depict a family who needs support with behavior or substance addiction in North Carolina. Talk with a substance use counselor in North Carolina. 28401 | 28402 | 28403

Addiction not only affects the person experiencing it, but the family and friends around them.

If you are caring for someone who is battling addiction, it’s important to look inward. Check in one yourself to make sure your own mental health isn’t being overlooked.

It’s okay, even necessary, for those close to those struggling with behavior or substance addiction to seek counseling for themselves. When you care so deeply for someone suffering from addiction, it is hard to pay attention to your own needs and how it impacts you and your spirit.

Change is possible and requires a dependable substance use counselor.

Change is never easy. It won’t happen overnight. You are responsible for making it happen, and we’re honored to take these difficult steps alongside you. You’ll be glad you embarked on this journey to a healthier and happier life.

Image of people in a group holding hands with one another. This image may depict the support of loved ones that have a family member struggling with behavior or substance addition in North Carolina. A substance use counselor in North Carolina would love to support you! 28401 | 28402 | 28403

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Addiction is hard, you’re not supposed to do this alone. Our skilled team of therapists is here to walk this journey with you and teach you the tools to cope and maintain recovery in healthy ways. We believe that you deserve to feel better on your own terms. Get started with therapy at our online counseling practice in New Bern, NC with these steps:

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