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Neuroscientists, psychologists, therapists and educators sometimes call it cognitive shifting, but you may know it better as flexible thinking.

The idea of cognitive shifting is simple: your brain is able to move quickly from one thought or subject to another. This allows for faster problem-solving, better communication and improved concentration skills. It also helps us adjust to changes in our environment by adapting quickly and efficiently.

A graphic of two brains transitioning from scribbles to a brain. Learn how therapy for anxiety in New Bern, NC can offer support for you and thinking skills. Contact a New Bern therapist or search “therapist New Bern NC” to learn more. Cognitive shifting plays an important role in learning. By changing the focus from one subject or activity to another, learners are able to keep their attention on task and engage in deeper thinking about their subject matter. Furthermore, flexible thinking makes it easier for learners to retain information over time since they’re less likely to get stuck on any single topic or approach.
Those who are especially adept at cognitive shifting may find that they’re more successful in managing stressful situations and working under tight deadlines because they can easily switch between tasks when necessary. In fact, being able to switch gears quickly is often key for achieving desired results in all areas of life – be it personal or professional endeavors.

Flexible thinking also plays a major role in your happiness and productivity.

Even if you know that flexible thinking is good for you, you may resist it because it feels uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Flexible thinking requires us to break out of our regular patterns of thought and embrace new ideas and concepts. To achieve this, we must cultivate a mindset which values openness, creativity, and learning from failure.

Take a look at the benefits of becoming more adaptable and strategies to help you loosen up.

A woman holds her phone while looking away with a pensive look. This could symbolize the improving flexible thinking skills cultivated by working with a New Bern therapist. Learn more about therapy for anxiety in New Bern, NC and the support it can offer.

Benefits of Flexible Thinking

Research has found that flexible thinking is associated with enhanced brain function. You’re likely to enjoy greater mental and physical health, higher levels of fluid intelligence, and many other advantages.

Consider these benefits

Cope with change

Flexible thinking helps you to accept that change is natural. You’ll adapt to new circumstance faster and experience less stress.

Stay updated

Applying new information keeps you from becoming stuck in the past. You can master the latest technology or follow revised guidelines on nutrition.

Find solutions

Recognizing a wider range of options makes you more adept at resolving difficulties. You’ll see that there’s more than one way to repair your dishwasher or discipline your children.

Transform your relationships

You help others feel validated and respected when you look at a situation from their perspective. You’ll feel closer and encounter fewer conflicts.

Avoid frustration

Why miss out on life because you’re clinging to old expectations? Try a different coffee shop if your favorite hangout closes down.

Techniques to Increase Flexible Thinking

Would you believe that playing video games can strengthen your flexible thinking? Many effective exercises for your brain are simple and fun.

Try these techniques:

Practice mindfulness. Observing your thoughts without judgment and living in the present makes you more agile. Try meditating or just cutting back on distractions.

Play with words. Language affects how you think. For example, humor is often based on words having multiple meanings. Study jokes or invent your own. You could also read more poetry and drama, and work on expanding your vocabulary.

Invent games. Shake things up the next time you play cards. Create your own house rules.

Explore functional fixedness. Take an ordinary object and imagine 3 alternative uses. For example, you could pick tennis balls or staple removers.

Talk to yourself. Stress interferes with creativity. Use your self-talk to provide reassurance and guidance when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Ask yourself questions that will clarify your priorities.

Alter your routine. Small steps add up when you’re trying to break out of a rut. Buy a different brand of shampoo or ride your bike to work instead of driving.

Exercise regularly. Physical and mental well being are interrelated. Work out at least 3 days a week and incorporate more activity into your daily life. Studies show that aerobic exercise is especially beneficial for stimulating creativity.

A woman smiles while laying in bed. This could represent how sleep can improve thinking skills. Contact a New Bern therpaist to learn more about therapy for anxiety in New Bern, NC and other services. Search “therapist new bern nc” to meet an online therapist in North Carolina today. Sleep well. Rest and relaxation are also essential for keeping your brain in top condition. In addition to planning for 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night, focus on getting enough REM sleep, which is when most of your dreams take place.

Upgrade your diet. What you eat can strengthen or weaken flexible thinking. Cut back on processed foods, especially those high in sugar, while introducing more fermented foods into your diet. Also, omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in fatty fish, enhance many cognitive functions.

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In conclusion, developing your cognitive shifting abilities has numerous benefits across various aspects of life. From managing stress better to improving performance at work, it’s a skill worth honing to improve both your happiness and productivity in the long run – regardless of whether you’re just starting out or already an expert! Our team would be honored to support you in improving flexible thinking skills from our North Carolina based practice. You can start your therapy journey by following these steps:

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