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Christina Steger, LCMHCA, NCC


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Session Fees & Getting Started

Christina sees people ages 17+ and is Telehealth only.

My goal for therapy is to help you find solutions that work for you so that you thrive in life.

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or need a change, I want to help you find a way forward. Specifically, I love to help college students and adults manage ADHD symptoms, overcome anxiety, and navigate life and career transitions.

Areas of Interest

My path to where I am today was not linear and did not always go as I expected. I understand firsthand the impact of unexpected challenges and the stress and anxiety they can cause.

Throughout my experiences, the common underlying theme is that I love empowering people, helping them reach their maximum potential, and helping them better understand themselves.

My experience as a K-12 school counselor working with students and parents with ADHD gave me insight into the challenges of navigating school, careers, and life while also managing ADHD symptoms. It also gave me insight into the great strengths of individuals with ADHD that may be overlooked. I am passionate about helping individuals with ADHD, whether diagnosed as a child or adult, identify their strengths and use those as a starting point to manage challenges and learn strategies to navigate daily living. 

During this time, I also gained valuable experience in helping students and parents manage symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety can look very different from person to person and together we can explore how you may be impacted, from perfectionistic thoughts and expectations to constant worry and avoidance of feared events.

Together we can find the best strategies to reduce the impact of anxiety so that you can find peace.

Lastly, I love to help people navigate life transitions. In my experience as a school counselor, this included transitions to college and careers. I have also helped young adults in their transition to independent living as well as helped others manage transitions to parenthood, different careers, and relocation. 

Transitions are tough and often come with stress and anxiety. Having been through many of these before, I know firsthand the importance of support and skills to navigate these transitions and would love the opportunity to help you on that journey.

All of these areas are very personal to me as I have struggled with anxiety and perfectionism for most of my life and both of my children were diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety over the last year. My family has also navigated through many life and career transitions. Therapy has been tremendously helpful for all of us and I would be honored to have the chance to do the same for you.

What to Expect in a Session

I understand that change is hard and it is a process. By reading this, you are taking the first step. That takes a lot of courage and I commend you for starting the journey! I approach each session as an opportunity to learn more about you and empower you to create the change you desire in life. Depending on your needs, this may include introducing skills, exploring emotions, or a combination of the two. 

Two of my core counseling beliefs are that: 

  • Small, consistent steps lead to big changes over time
  • You are doing the best that you can with the tools and resources that you have

I want to help you move forward and provide an open, warm, fun, and supportive environment to foster trust and growth.

Types of Therapy Used

Every counseling situation is unique and I adjust treatment types accordingly. I pull from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I also use techniques from Solution Focused Counseling as well as Motivational Interviewing.

It is important to me to evaluate progress continually and determine any changes to approach that may be needed. Counseling is a collaborative process and I encourage your open feedback on how things are going.

My Professional Background

I received my M.Ed. in School Counseling from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2020. Afterwards, I worked as a school counselor for two years and became a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate and National Certified Counselor. In 2022, I transitioned to full time private practice therapy so that I could spend more one-on-one time counseling individuals. 

Hobbies and Interests

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and enjoy reading, doing puzzles, and building Legos. I love spending time with my family and having adventures and learning new things together. Most recently, we all decided to take up skateboarding and playing tennis.

Now accepting new clients for virtual appointments in North Carolina & South Carolina